Company Profile

Vensan Canaşyan who started the first the key production in Turkey in 1948, was selling key in a small shop in 1946 at Karaköy, Istanbul. In the 1960’s, the production process has begun to meet the needs of the domestic market. In 1965, the first franchising system started in Ankara and Izmir. After 1985, this system began to develop and a market network has been established. In 1995 Canaş Company started producing key cutting machines and in the same period it extended its share in global market. We are excited to share our knowledge and experience with our dear colleagues throughout 72 years of production. Today, we have the largest key manufacturing facility in the Middle East, with key blank, key cutting machine and accessories.


The unchanging principle of our firm have always been quality, service and fair price. Although the key industry of each country determines the key needs, the diversity of it increases with the key imports. And our company continues to increase the key diversity day by day. Franchise system in Turkey, thanks to our distributors abroad, is expanding its market share. We thank and pay our respect to all our colleagues for their accountableness.


Canaş Company has always produced solutions in search of technological innovations. In the key cutting and lock manufacturing systems, our company has supported its customers by sharing their technology and knowledge. Our biggest goal is to maintain the product innovation trend while maintaining the high quality level of our products due to our high level of technological manufacturing.